Lash Care

How to Apply Eye Candy Lash Strips:

  1. Remove lashes gently from the tray with your hands or a tweezer. Do not tug on the fur, only handle from the band.

  2. Measure and trim your lashes to fit your eye if necessary. Cut from the outside and not the inside.

  3. OPTIONAL — Apply mascara before applying your mink lashes, allowing the mascara time to dry on your natural lashes before application of our strip lashes, to ensure the preservation of the natural curl and fluttering effect if each lash strand.  Do not apply mascara to your mink lashes.

  4. Apply lash glue along the entire strip band and wait 30 to 60 seconds for the glue to become tacky. We recommend Duo Eyelash Adhesive.

  5. Apply the lashes to the base of your natural lash line, and hold for a few seconds for it to dry. Ensure that the entire lash adheres to your lash line.

  6. If lash becomes loose at the ends, which is common, use a toothpick or small tool to apply a little glue to the loose corner/s.

 Removing  Lash Strips   

  1. Lashes should be removed before starting your makeup removal routine.

  2. Soften the adhesive along the lash line using makeup remover or your favorite oils using a Q-Tip/cotton ball.

  3. Hold lash strip by the outer corner and slowly peel the strip away from your real lash. If you feel any pinching or resistance, then apply more oil or makeup remover and wait a little longer before trying again.

 Maintenance Lash Strips   

Always store lashes in protective cases (preferably the Eye Candy aryclic pink case). Keep away from eyeshadows, powders, mascara, etc.

Cleaning Tips:

We suggest cleaning your lash strips to prolong the life of your lashes.

  1. Peel off the glue residue gently using tweezer. 
  2. Create a cleaning solution of warm water or liquid makeup remover.
  3. Submerge your false lashes into the water/cleaning solution for 15 minutes. Gently rub them to encourage mascara or other makeup to dissolve off of them. You can also use tweezer to gently remove soften glue. 
  4. Let them air dry